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Pre Construction

Pre-Construction is the phase of a negotiated construction contract that develops a road map for the project team. The Pre-Construction Phase actually unites the project team, architect/interior designer, engineer, construction managers, and the client. The team works together at the inception of the project to help establish sufficient conceptual information to prepare a preliminary budget estimates and project schedules. These budgets of dollars and time are updated periodically through the development of the contract documents. The end result being that the client knows where the project is headed in dollars and time before the completion of the drawings. A significant factor of Pre-Construction is value engineering. This evaluates the cost of systems, designated areas of design and allows for suggested alternates for cost savings and/or efficiency measures. Pre-Construction also provides for the identification and pre-ordering of long-lead items.

Our Services Include:

  1. Selection of SD Building Group project team.
  2. Recommendation of Architect, Engineer and Interior Designer.
  3. Coordination of those Licensed Professionals selected by the client.
  4. Review and analysis of design and specifications.
  5. Establishment of criteria and procedures for scheduling of all required project functions.
  6. Ongoing estimation of total project cost.
  7. Assistance with financing if needed.
  8. Coordination of all governmental permits and approvals required to begin actual construction
  9. Assist the client in seeking bids and selecting a builder*.


* In those cases where the client selects SD Building Group to build the project, a portion of Pre-Construction will be credited during the Construction phase itself.